Leigh Christie


leigh christie bio photo 2016Bio

Leigh Christie is a Vancouver-based engineer and entrepreneur who has co-founded 3 companies, a non-profit, and one charity.  Leigh is currently focused on connected devices for health and safety at MistyWest, a engineering product design company he cofounded in 2003. In addition to years of bootstrapped entrepreneurship and hacking, Leigh honed his skills and gained critical artistic insights through his completion of a Masters Degree in the ACT program (Art, Culture and Technology). Prior to MIT, Leigh gained his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia.  Post undergrad, Leigh went on to design battery packs and EV components for several automotive clients.

In addition to his product engineering and physics background, Leigh is best known for co-creating the Mondo Spider, a pure-electric 1,500 lb walking vehicle. This project led Leigh to co-found the eatART Laboratory in Vancouver, BC. Leigh holds three patents in energy, robotics and transportation (including a folding skateboard). More recently, Leigh founded the Open Source Medical Supplies Assn. British Columbia (OSMS-BC) with the help of dozens of dedicated engineers, hackers and makers.

CV available here.