Leigh Christie

2010 Mondo Spider Radar – Android App

In 2010, I helped create the Mondo Spider Radar Android app. When I proposed the idea of creating an app for Google I/O 2009, Ben Cooper suggested that we make a Mondo Spider Locator App. The app would helps our audience track the Mondo Spider performance sculpture at large events throughout the world. Along with Ben Cooper, I helped create the concept and recruited the Mondo Spider Radar app team from all over the world via Twitter in preparation for a spider performance at Google I/O 2010. The response was overwhelming, and resulted in a truly global collaboration of individuals:

Project Management:
Ben Cooper (Canada)

Lead Programmers:
Matthias Wieland (Germany)
Aoi Nakanisi (Japan)

Prithiraj Sengupta (India)
Omri Baumer (Israel)
Sumit Asok (India)

UI design:
Wibke Kreft (Canada)