Leigh Christie

2004 Robots from Scratch

This is a work in progress… and a very long term work I might add.

Robotics from Scratch is a new, long term, collaborative art project that I first began to conceptualize in 2005 with a group of outdoor enthusiasts, engineers and fans of the computer game “Civilization”. The fundamental idea is to pit the sum of all human knowledge against modern infrastructure and answer the question: “how fast could we build a robot if we started from scratch?”

Information transfer, emails, internet connections, computers, design software etc… are all allowed so long as the physical components are 100% made from scratch. For example, a video camera to record the fabrication of a hemp rope would be allowed, but using a knife to make the rope would not.

One of the most important aspects of infrastructure is the use of shoes, gloves and clothing… as well as flat surfaces provided by your home or office floor (or table). As such, clothing is not allowed when creating “from scratch” items… unless of course it is made from scratch.

I first spoke, publicly, about this project at the Artisan’s Asylum in Oct 2012.