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Kickstarter Successes and Failures for Robots


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Found by typing in “robot” into kickstarter.

telepresence: Romo, Oculus (our friend Colin in Vancouver), Botiful, Robodance,
hexapod: Hexy, Stompy (our friends Gui + crew at the Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA)
multicopter: transforming multicopter
Other: troller hobby robot
Music: “Gamelatron” (NYC buddies)

Telepresence: Oddwerx
Scanning robot: Gado
military: “paintball car
Walking machine: Cheebot
arm: Baccus
Art bot: botspot

Major Failures (projects that I would have guessed would do great): Shimi“, “HyQ walking machine“,  “Melody Man“,  “Muralizer

Crowdfunding Papers:


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